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Streamlining a restaurant chain's strategic decisions with data

A national restaurant chain partnered with g2o to forecast labor and accelerate digital programs.

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Photo of a server waiting on two restaurant patrons


Faced with shrinking profits, the restaurant chain wanted a way to make its operations run more effectively to improve its bottom line by streamlining processes and optimizing inventory. It also wanted to enhance communication with the ability to share information across its organization in real time. Lastly, the chain wanted to improve its marketing engagement with customers.

All of this required actionable data so that the restaurant chain could make informed, strategic decisions. In particular, the chain’s restaurants needed enterprise data in real-time for immediate actions and alerts, including transaction data, out-of-stock status, and labor plans.

The chain chose to work with g2o because of our combined in-house data and technology expertise.

Photo of a server waiting on two restaurant patrons


Integrating this information, consolidating it, and then delivering it to cloud-based systems for unique departments required complex transformations, normalizations, and movement of data.

g2o worked to integrate 560 restaurants into an enterprise backbone supporting near real-time transaction flow.

Photo of a server waiting on two restaurant patrons


This solution empowered the restaurant to accurately forecast labor demand at each location, which helped restaurants to work more efficiently. The enterprise backbone we developed also accelerated the chain’s eCommerce, master menu management and customer loyalty programs, the latter helping with its marketing goal.

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