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Speeding up customer support with AI

We helped a Midwest bank strengthen its customer service and account management with a universal app and chatbot.

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Photo of a woman in a window looking at a laptop computer


A Midwest bank had a vision to empower its bankers — and customers — with a reliable tool that would provide 24/7 access to the various systems crucial to account management.

Numerous and incongruent supporting apps were at the root of a frustrating user experience. Issues with system lock-out were limiting productivity and adding to costs. IT staff struggled to provide short-lived solutions, as the bank’s customers struggled to receive necessary attention.

But with some smart systems integration, both bankers and customers could have a more seamless experience.
The bank chose to work with g2o because our blended expertise in research and design, technology, and data made their vision attainable.

Photo of a woman in a window looking at a laptop computer

Why it matters

42% of service agents cannot efficiently resolve customer issues due to disconnected systems, archaic user interfaces, and multiple applications.


The way to bring the bank’s vision to life was an employee-centric chatbot, designed to support all bank employees with their account management. To be successful, the solution needed to integrate with existing applications, including the bank’s helpdesk queuing process, and provide a seamless user experience.

Integration was the crux of this project, but g2o’s sound user research ensures that we design the right thing, and design it right.

Existing systems, applications, and portals at the bank that were fragmented caused confusion, cost, and productivity slowdowns. g2o built an online web app that connected all systems used for account management. This is where the chatbot would access its necessary data. Once implemented, the chatbot tied directly to the bankers’ web app and the IT help desk for any prevailing issues.

Photo of a woman in a window looking at a laptop computer


The bank set out to empower its bankers with a powerful customer-service tool and they succeeded. The chatbot solution gives convenient access to the systems needed for quality account management. Its 24/7 availability takes a burden off internal IT, reducing costs for manual and time-consuming responses for login, lockout, and other systems holdups.

Once implemented, the chatbot tied directly to the bankers’ web app and the IT helpdesk for any prevailing issues.

And a more effective account management tool for bankers translates into a better experience for the bank’s customers.

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