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Speeding up cancer research with digital

We helped a national research institute create a digital experience to speed up cancer research.

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Photo of a woman in a lab coat looking through a microscope


A national research institute wanted a faster way to get tissue samples into the hands of cancer researchers. The system they had was antiquated, fragmented, and relied on paper and fax machines.

Researchers could spend significant time and effort trying to track down the samples they needed, since each tissue bank was its own silo, so researchers had to contact each one until they found what they were looking for.

There had to be a better way — for researchers and the cancer patients waiting for cures. The institute had a vision for a single, digital database that researchers could tap into to find what they needed. No more paper. No more faxes. No more calling around the globe hoping to find the right sample at the tissue bank.

The institute, in partnership with a regional children’s hospital, chose to work with g2o because we had the technology know-how to bring their vision to life. We also had partnered with the children’s hospital on a life-saving app and they knew we could deliver.

Photo of a woman in a lab coat looking through a microscope


In addition to a single database with the ability to search for samples across all of the tissue banks, we collaborated with our clients to create a visual interface where researchers could click on a part of the anatomy to select the type of tissue sample they need. This makes for a more simplified and interactive experience.

We created the web searching experience so that researchers never had to refresh or go to a different page. It was done in a seamless, uninterrupted experience in a browser that made it feel more native.

Photo of a woman in a lab coat looking through a microscope


By having a searchable digital database instead of the analog system, the ability to find and request tissue samples for cancer research has become more rapid — which in turn will have an impact on patients.

Additionally, researchers now have more comprehensive view of tissue samples that are available. Before, they may have been unaware of what could have been included in a search because of how information about samples was siloed.

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