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Solving a NY bank’s customer needs with a messaging hub

We helped a Western New York bank develop an enterprise messaging hub to support new service offerings and offer a consistent customer messaging experience.

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A Western New York bank needed a new, streamlined experience for communicating with customers. Existing systems were fragmented, in consistent, and may not even look to customers like they came from the same bank. They wanted to present a unified brand — and to improve communication efficiency and effectiveness.

The goals were two-fold — retain customers by providing better communication options, and reduce the costs associated with building and maintaining multiple single-message systems.

The bank chose to partner with g2o to develop a one-stop enterprise messaging hub that would address both needs.

Photo of a young woman and a young man looking at a smartphone

This initiative started with a targeted focus, but ended up being something that could roll out across the entire organization


The messaging hub presented challenges because of the need to communicate with multiple systems inside the bank — and with third-party systems. All of these systems needed to be integrated, and the messaging needed to be standardized.

We worked with the bank to build a standardized frame work to create custom communications using universal messaging “building blocks.” Whether the team is building “suspicious activity” texts or a “low balance”email, communications are easy to build because the single portal contains consistent requirements:

  • Templates for standard messages
  • Sender and recipient
  • Communication channel: text, push notifications, email
  • Drip campaigns & event triggers
  • Real-time business rules

Agile development kept deliverables on-time and cost slow.  Real-time requirements were supported by TIBCO business works and business events, while Maven was utilized for automation and Spring Framework for the Java back-end.

Photo of a young woman and a young man looking at a smartphone


With the framework in place, the bank can quickly deploy standardized communications at a significantly lower implementation and maintenance cost.

Although not initially considered for use across the entire bank, the solution we developed was built in a way that could be used by different applications — and could become an organization-wide solution.

The messaging hub can now provide the internal development team with a universal approach to messaging while customers receive consistent communications.

In addition, the hub had the outcome of improving security for customers by increasing the use of multi-factor authentication.

About a dozen systems have been integrated with more in progress.

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