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Re-architecting with data vault for faster business insight

A large data provider needed to reduce the complexity of their data environment and provide the business with enterprise-level insights.

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A large data provider needed to reduce the complexity of their home-grown and fragmented data environment. The current environment made it impossible to provide an enterprise-view and managing the data became increasingly difficult.

To address these issues,they engaged with g2o to re-architect and standardize their data warehouse, processes, and tools so they could provide the business with the insights they needed to enable the agile development of new services and reduce their operating costs.

man looking at data on a mac book


The client partnered with g2o because of our deep data integration experience and agile approach that would allow us to deliver incremental business value during the project.

The team began by conducting interviews and workshops to identify the challenges, align on the objectives, and analyze the needs of the business. The team then evaluated and prioritized use cases that would deliver incremental value and developed a detailed plan based on a hybrid delivery approach.

The team refactored the core data warehouse to a data vault architecture, that enabled the team to build out the solution incrementally for specific use cases – unlike traditional approaches that involved building the entire EDW for just a handful of use cases.

man looking at data on a mac book


The hybrid deliver approach enabled the team to build a data vault architecture and deliver 7 different data marts in 7 different releases over the 18-month project. The outcome of the project was a far more consistent and accurate Enterprise Information Management, improved data governance, and powerful tools that delivered the insights the business needed. In addition, the modern and flexible architecture made it far easier to modify the data environment based on changing business priorities or market conditions.

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