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Modernizing a bid management system

We helped a medical supply distributor modernize their bid management system to more efficiently develop winning and profitable proposals.

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Medical supply distributor Sarnova wanted to win more public contracts. But they discovered that when submitting bids, they were being held back by an outdated bid management system that didn’t give them the information they needed to be competitive.

To be successful, they needed to improve their pricing accuracy and make their bid creation process more efficient. But the system they had didn’t search products effectively — and frequently crashed.

That poor performance slowed their pricing analysts. To top it off, their system lacked historic pricing information, which was crucial to submitting winning bids. And finally, the current system didn’t support amendments or renewals. 

Sarnova turned to g2o to help them design, develop and deploy the new public bidding system for their pricing analysts and account managers that would fix these problems and increase their success rate.

They chose to work with our team because we had the expertise to both design and build the technology solution they needed.

Photo of two woman looking over numbers

“This has honestly been the smoothest technology project I've been a part of.”

—Rhiannon Green, VP, Pricing & Information Systems, Sarnova


The new system needed to address the complexity of a wide variety of similar products from multiple distributors, and to include historical pricing information. 

The joint team worked collaboratively in both g2o and Sarnova offices and began with understanding the overall process and the problems users were experiencing.

We tested multiple wireframes to inform iterative design and development, which is a process of designing and developing in pieces to be able to quickly respond to feedback and changes.

The solution, aptly named Bidwiser, enabled them to: 

  • Optimize their search, employing “fuzzy logic” for product matching 
  • Autofill order lists via imported RFP data 
  • Simplify renewal and order-change processes 
  • Provide role-based “view” access for Sales, to inform account discussions 
  • Leverage an automated “Win Predictor,” using publicly available competitor pricing 
  • Integrate with their GP accounting, CRM, and Amazon S3 documentation systems 

Photo of two woman looking over numbers


The new solution seamlessly integrated the end-to-end process in a streamlined and easy-to-use interface. With the solution in place, the team can quickly build competitive proposals allowing them to submit more bids and win more profitable deals.

Sarnova expects these increased efficiencies to significantly boost their win rate. 

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