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Deploying a modern data platform to drive growth

We helped a Midwest insuretech provide deeper business insights to support their expansion.

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An innovative insurance provider focused on delivering a market-leading customer experience powered by technology and data. They were growing rapidly and needed deeper business insights to support their expansion. As a result,they set out to quickly ramp up their analytics capabilities to better support sales and operations.

Specifically, they wanted to better understand the best tactics for acquiring profitable agents, how long it took for a new agent to become viable, and what back office manual processes they could automate and optimize with data and insights.

Man looking at charts and figures on an iPad


The client partnered with g2o to help them jumpstart a data warehouse initiative that would provide the foundation for their growing analytics team to deliver consolidated insights from their fragmented and cloud-based systems for marketing, sales, call center, proposal, and underwriting. 

The team began by developing a roadmap that included what needs to be done, quick wins, and future use cases. The plan also considered the client's desire to select a cloud-based analytics platform for flexibility and cost efficiency.

Early discussions focused on evaluating the data platform that best fit the company’s maturity and requirements. Ultimately, the team recommended and deployed a cloud-based platform and architecture that would allow the client to focus more on the analytics and less on data engineering.  

Man looking at charts and figures on an iPad


g2o’s understanding of the insurance industry and technical expertise in modern data platforms, automation and integration helped the team hit the ground running and deliver value quickly.

The team’s ability to quickly select, design, and deploy a platform enabled the client to focus their attention on assembling the right team and processes to support their analytics initiatives.

The platform has helped the team to consolidate key sales data and automate weekly reports that allow the sales team to more effectively engage with agents. In addition, the platform is serving as a foundation for the team to build additional capabilities and use cases for the business.

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