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Growing military exchange customers by making sense of data

We helped the Army and Air Force Exchange to standardize customer data, allowing for better insights and targeting of marketing efforts.

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Young man and woman drinking coffee holding credit card and looking at laptop computer


The Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) serves the two military branches with stores on bases, known as The Exchange. AAFES had big goals to grow through more targeted marketing, but they didn’t know where to start.

Specifically, AAFES wanted to continue to grow their business to active personnel and retired veterans, but they didn’t have a clear view of their customers, their purchase history, credit usage or web behaviors. This was all information that would help them target their marketing, but their data was siloed across multiple departments and systems and needed to be centralized.

AAFES needed a partner with marketing data expertise to kick their customer strategy into gear. They asked g2o to investigate their data sources, develop a roadmap to build a customer data platform, and create analytics, insights and predictive models to support their marketing programs.

Young man and woman drinking coffee holding credit card and looking at laptop computer


g2o combined AAFES’ key customer data sources, cleansed and standardized the data, developed a single view of each customer’s purchases and marketing responses, and enriched the records with demographics, segmentation and model scores for product propensity and marketing uplift.

In addition, we created a customer data mart to support ongoing insights and marketing automation tools.

Young man and woman drinking coffee holding credit card and looking at laptop computer


Once the customer data platform was established, g2o built 60 predictive models for AAFES to support the promotions of various products. As a result, marketing costs are down and lift is up.  

In addition, g2o trained the AAFES data science team to take over the model-building and development of new models. With this training, AAFES is positioned for future success with its marketing program. 

g2o is still supporting AAFES as they continue to identify new data sources and install more campaign automation tools.

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