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Getting burgers to customers faster with data

We helped a national fast food chain to improve its speed of service with customer data analytics.

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Photo of two people eating hamburgers


A national fast food restaurant chain wanted to understand the reasons behind its delivery time for food service to improve overall customer experience.

The chain was looking for information it could use to better understand service bottlenecks delaying their customers. The number-one cause of dissatisfaction for customers is speed of service, and not addressing slowdowns leads to decreased throughput and lost revenue in the industry.

The chain wanted to retain customers by addressing these bottlenecks, speeding up service, and making its operations more transparent — which would in turn improve customer loyalty.

They chose to work with g2o because of our extensive experience analyzing customer data and delivering actionable insights.

Photo of two people eating hamburgers


g2o’s predictive analytics team gathered five years of data on restaurant operations, food orders, and staffing. Our team also interviewed key team members in multiple business units to fully understand how the restaurant chain worked.

We visited restaurants in Columbus and Indianapolis and developed hypotheses surrounding over 30 factors affecting food service time, then built a mathematical model to understand delivery time.

We assessed all possible factors affecting speed of service, and ranked them according to each’s impact. Those included order complexity, kitchen layout, employee tenure, and daypart.

We uncovered the five key factors that had the greatest impact on delivery time and recommended next steps the restaurant chain could take based on the data.

Photo of two people eating hamburgers


One particular aspect we partnered with this restaurant chain to examine was kitchen design and how it affected delivery time. Based on our research, we were able to make recommendations on the chain could invest in improvements.

Afterward, speed of service improved by an estimated 29% with minimal process enhancements, employee training, and demand estimation.

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