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Engaging potential customers with a virtual lab

We helped a healthcare company to create a virtual lab to demonstrate products to potential customers in 3D.

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Photo of a woman doctor holding an iPad


A healthcare services and products company wanted a way to display products to participants in a virtual conference. They wanted to be able to provide information, demonstrate products, and show how they could be used so that conference participants — and potential customers — could see the products’ value.

But they also wanted a solution that could be flexible and used beyond the virtual conference as a tool for their salespeople and in a kiosk in their lobby to engage potential customers. With a virtual tool, they could better reach out to clients across the globe with a more personal and engaging experience that could capture the attention of potential customers.

They called on g2o to help them create a virtual lab experience to contextually inform potential customers about healthcare products using interactive environments, audio, animation, and a desktop/tablet experience allowing for enhanced interactivity and more detailed information about what the company had to offer.

The healthcare company had worked with g2o before and knew the value that we could bring — and that we could deliver the outcome they needed.

Photo of a woman doctor holding an iPad


Our team worked with the healthcare company to refine their vision for a virtual lab to meet some technical challenges presented by the virtual conference vendor, and to make it as cost-effective as possible while still delivering a unique and engaging experience. 

Our team’s first challenge was that the vendor who hosted the virtual conference was entirely built in Flash. But the virtual lab needed to be coded in HTML so that it could be repurposed later. Our team had to collaborate with the virtual trade show vendor to ensure that our HTML would work with their Flash tool, and so that the company would get a tool that would meet their long-term goals.

Another challenge was that our team didn’t have photos composed specifically for the virtual lab, so we had to recreate the different medical spaces in 3D and render them. We didn’t have a photo shoot, so we modeled the room and added photos of the products to bring the virtual lab to life.

Photo of a woman doctor holding an iPad


We were able to deliver the tool on an expedited timeline for the virtual conference — and to collaborate with the healthcare company’s IT department to further customize the code for their sales iPads and lobby kiosks.

The company now has this innovative virtual sales tool at their fingertips for potential customers anywhere in the world.

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