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Embracing data governance to better serve customers

A bank partnered with g2o to establish a comprehensive data governance program to gain deeper insights into their business and customers.

Data Operations
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A cooperative bank serving agribusiness and rural power, water and communication providers across rural America wanted to better understand their business and provide their team with a 360-degree view of their customers.

Given the large number of data sources, they recognized this required establishing an Enterprise Data Management (EDM) program. The program would need to embrace data governance best practices that would allow them to meet their business and compliance goals in a timely, accurate, and efficient manner.

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In response, the bank partnered with the g2o team to design and develop a data governance program that would focus on the quality, integrity and value of their enterprise data. The team began by engaging the project stakeholders to better understand existing pain points, where they were, and where they wanted to go. Based on this gap assessment, the team engaged the executive sponsors to align on the organizational and operating models – and ultimately the business objectives.

The effort included a well-structured set of recommendations including a multi-year data governance adoption roadmap aligned to their business strategy. The initiative included careful consideration for integrating established enterprise engagement models and standards, project management methodologies, and organizational change initiatives.

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The project provided the bank with an improved understanding of their existing data, data architecture and governance environment to inform a comprehensive program and deployment plan. In addition, they were able to ensure alignment across the enterprise, identify priorities, and define the critical actions needs to move forward. And finally, they were able to establish working models, policies, and the appropriate roles and responsibilities required.

As a result, they were set up for success by enabling them to deploy and independently manage a repeatable and scalable set of guidelines, frameworks and processes to be utilized for all forthcoming projects and data governance initiatives.  

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