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Delivering the future educational experience

We helped an education company create an innovative digital learning experience to engage grade school children and promote reading.

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Photo of a Mom and Dad learning online with their daughter


An education company wanted to create the next generation digital learning experience for grade school children — one that wouldn’t just recreate the experience of books, paper, and traditional multiple-choice quizzes, but would innovate.

The company knew that schools were increasingly choosing to add digital devices, but that school districts were also budget-conscious and trying to reduce or eliminate the costs of books and paper. So they wanted to introduce alternatives to traditional physical tools — but ones that could also help track data about classroom environments and performance.

They chose to work with g2o because we delivered a creative proof of concept that showed them our innovative thinking and the value our collaboration would bring — and that we had the technology expertise to deliver on their goals.

Photo of a Mom and Dad learning online with their daughter


The company chose to develop a digital flex reading curriculum for 3rd to 8th graders. We partnered with them to create an application with three parts — a student experience, a teacher experience, and a content authoring tool.

The student experience gamified reading to create an effective, engaging experience that made students excited about learning. We did user research to support the use of a gamification tool with the target student groups.

The teacher experience offered tools for tracking data about student performance And the content authoring tool contained 480 game levels that the company’s internal team could build in a visual editor.

We designed and built all three pieces of the application from scratch because there was no out-of-the box solution that fit the company’s needs or had the capability to capture the amount of data the company wanted to track about student performance.

Our team produced over 100 episodes of content at 2-4 minutes long. The app included 10 hours of cartoons, that included writing and recording audio voiceovers, composing original music, and editing. The app also included numerous mini-games to aid education.

The system itself had AI logic for students, so that as students progressed through the 480 levels in the app it was responsive to how well they completed different tasks. For example, if a student excelled at spelling, they might skip or completely eliminate spelling activities.

Photo of a Mom and Dad learning online with their daughter


Through this partnership, g2o helped this company recognize the potential of its most important asset—content—and breathed new life into it as a learning experience more engaging than ever before.

With this digital curriculum, Lexile measures, which indicate reading levels, improved 10%-50%. Teachers and administrators reported fluency and achievement improvements across the board.

Even better — students’ confidence and leadership skills have improved, too.

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