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Creating an integrated database for marketing effectiveness

We helped a Top 10 insurance company improve its affinity marketing with an integrated customer database.

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Photo of two people sitting at a desk looking at a laptop computer and smiling


A national insurance company had a goal to identify new customers, improve customer relationships, and improve their relationships. It wanted to do this by determining and reporting on the effectiveness of their affinity marketing programs.

By better understanding affinity partners, the company could cross-sell other products, as well as inspire more intense customer loyalty and interweave affinity partners’ brand and values throughout the customer experience.

Overall, the company wanted to accomplish several business goals that included:

·      Defining and putting into action its value proposition for target customer groups

·      Revitalizing and nationalizing its distribution

·      Building and integrating its direct and affinity marketing capabilities

·      Simplifying how the company did business and improving customer experiences

·      Managing losses

The company turned to g2o to create a solution that accurately illustrates marketing results for a wide range of affinity groups, each serving a diverse set of clients.

Photo of two people sitting at a desk looking at a laptop computer and smiling


g2o worked with the insurance company to gather sources of data and identify friction in existing company processes. We found that data was scattered across lines of business and it could be laborious to bring it together.

For example, the company had about 250 reports that were created  manually and emailed to groups every month — a time-consuming process that involved numerous people, relied on various business units, and created a high risk of error because of the many hand-offs.

Based on the discovery and assessment we did in partnership with the company, g2o developed an integrated database that provides accurate, consolidated data for marketing leads and executives. Our partner can now provide those leaders with timely, automated reports and drill-down capability.

Photo of two people sitting at a desk looking at a laptop computer and smiling


Designed with the user in mind, these automated dashboards are simple to understand, and eliminate costly manual processes. Ultimately, the insurer has reduced its overhead cost by improving the transparency of critical business information.

The company can get the affinity marketing data it needs to make critical decisions more quickly and accurately to support its growth and retention goals.

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