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Marketing614 interviews g2o's Gino Palozzi and Jordan Monson

g2o's Gino Palozzi and Jordan Monson talked to the Marketing614 podcast about the g2o rebrand, the thought process behind our digital content, and why low-code is the future of digital experience.

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An image of Gino Palozzi and Jordan Monson being interviewed for the Marketing614 podcast


The Marketing614 podcast talked to g2o’s Director of Marketing Gino Palozzi and Creative Director Jordan Monson at the Achievement in Marketing Awards event presented by AMA Columbus. g2o won a Gold Award for websites in the Web, Mobile & Interactive category.

In the podcast, you can listen to Gino talk about the reason for g2o’s brand and the thought process that went into tailoring our web content for our target personas and their customer journeys; and Jordan discuss why low-code platforms like Webflow are a great option for marketing leaders.

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