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g2o blends human-centered design, insight, and 25 years of technology strength to build distinctive customer experiences.

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COLUMBUS, Ohio, Aug. 27, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Information Control Company (ICC) announced that its Clutch division, a brand focused on human-centered design, will be integrated with its two other divisions to form a new company, g2o. The new rebranded company is the largest digital experience and technology company based in Ohio, and blends over 25 years of technology and data expertise with research and design services.

g2o employs more than 500 analysts, designers, developers, system and data engineers, researchers, and strategists that work as a unified team to offer a comprehensive approach to building engaging digital experiences.

ICC started as an IT staffing company in Columbus, Ohio. Since its inception, the company has continued to evolve by providing a growing range of technology, data, analytics, and digital design services to meet client needs.

Most recently, the company, led by CEO Kelly Gratz, embarked on an in-depth, 18-month company transformation in response to clients’ evolving needs to build deeper relationships with their customers.

“We constantly challenge ourselves to anticipate the changing business needs that could affect our clients based on the new market dynamics. They need a partner who can seamlessly work across multiple disciplines within our client’s organization to achieve their goals,” Gratz said. “We need to continue to evolve as an organization to deliver a more seamless and efficient approach to drive better outcomes.”

With a talented and versatile team, g2o collaborates to take clients from goals to outcomes. They partner with clients to attract and retain customers, capture new opportunities, and improve business efficiencies. They also pass along their technology know-how and proven approaches, so the value of the collaboration grows long after a project is complete.

“During every project, g2o goes the extra mile by tapping into the collective expertise of the entire team. And as we collaborate and share knowledge, new ideas surface – adding valuable perspectives to the project and our organization,” said Mike LaManna, Administrative Vice President, User Experience & Design, M&T Bank.

g2o is expanding their regional footprint to stay close to their growing customer base, for greater access and deeper collaboration. The company is based in Columbus and collaborates with clients in Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and just recently opened an office in Cleveland to serve that growing market.

To learn more, head to the new website at www.g2o.com.

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Elizabeth Jensen