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g2o collaborates with Looker to help customers analyze and act on real-time data

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February  2020 — g2o announced today that it has joined the Looker Partner Network ecosystem to enable customers to transform their business by providing a single-source of truth for accessing and gaining insights into data.

As a member of the Looker Partner Network ecosystem, g2o plays a critical role in the program’s mission to empower individuals and companies by offering cloud-based data analytics and business insights to every department. Through this collaboration, g2o and Looker allow customers across all departments to access a robust data platform where they can analyze and act on real-time data.

“With Looker as our partner, g2o will be able to offer our clients a scalable and modern data platform that allows users to access, analyze and take action on the specific data they need,” said Cory Davis, SVP Data at g2o. “The platform offers data analytics and business insights to every department at scale, delivering data directly into the decision-making process.”  

“Organizations across all departments are becoming increasingly more reliant on fresh real-time data to drive their business and everyday decisions,” said Geneva Lake, VP Consulting Alliances at Looker. “We’re thrilled to add g2o as it furthers our mission to bring together the best technology and consulting companies from around the globe to accelerate insights to action by infusing data experiences into workflows.”

About g2o

With a talented and versatile team, g2o collaborates to take clients from goals to outcomes. They partner with clients to attract and retain customers, create new opportunities, and improve business efficiencies all with a keen eye on the overall customer experience. They also pass along their technology know-how and proven approaches, so the value of the collaboration grows long after a project is complete.

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Vanessa Mason