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g2o is your digital experience and technology partner

We inform. We design. We build. We blend data, technology, research and design to deliver meaningful engagement for your customers and your employees. And we collaborate with you every step of the way — from goals to outcomes.

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Growing military exchange customers by making sense of data

We helped the Army and Air Force Exchange to standardize customer data, allowing for better insights and targeting of marketing efforts.

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let’s attract new customers

A thoughtful customer experience can be a powerful magnet. And it can take the grind out of your engagement strategy.

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Predicting member value and retention with data

With predictive models, we helped a credit association better understand who their high-value members were and which members were most likely to leave.

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let’s keep customers engaged

It’s easy for customers to find a reason to leave. But a captivating experience can convince them that your brand is one to stick with.

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Designing and building an online fulfillment platform

We helped FedEx to design and build a fulfillment platform that was named one of the top alternatives to Amazon.

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let’s capture new opportunities

Smart customer strategies don’t rest on what worked in the past. They’re forward-thinking and offer new digital experiences to inspire growth.

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Using machine learning to predict power grid equipment failure

We applied machine learning to help a company providing grid testing to major utilities to more effectively identify potential equipment failures.

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let's give employees a boost

Engaged employees are the heart of any successful customer strategy. When you empower your employees, you elevate your brand.

Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
"This has honestly been the smoothest technology project I've been a part of."
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Rhiannon Green
Senior Vice President
Bob Evans
Cardinal Health
Army & Air Force Exchange Service
Ohio Foster, Adoption and Kinship Care
Fifth Third Bank
National Cancer Institute
Credit Union National Association
Huntington National Bank
First Niagara
White Castle
M&T Bank
Nationwide Children's Hospital
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Image of Dex, African American male with glasses holding laptop computerImage of Dex, African American male with glasses holding laptop computerImage of Codi, Caucasian woman smilingImage of Mark, Caucasian middle-aged male wearing glassesImage of Annie, young Asian female smiling
Image of Mark, Caucasian middle-aged male wearing glasses
Image of Codi, Caucasian woman smiling
Image of Annie, young Asian female smiling

For Digital Experience Teams

Your vision rallies everyone in your organization to deliver the amazing technology experience your customers didn’t even know they wanted until they had it. We have the know-how to help you elevate your customer engagement to the next level.

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For Technology Teams

Your organization demands innovation. You need to choose – and strategically use – the right technology to enable and advance experiences. We’re the pragmatic partner who can help you deliver.

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For Marketing Teams

You’re all about growing customers for your business and you know the best way to do that is to offer a compelling experience that connects with their hearts and leaves a lasting impression. We’ll empower you with the technology, insights, and design you need to captivate your customers.

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For Data & Analytics Teams

You know quality data brings sense and structure to predicting human behavior, and that’s the heart of any successful customer engagement strategy. We’re your partner for actionable insights that bring value to your organization.

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a unifying experience

We blend human-centered insight and design with technology to change the way your customers live and the way you do business.

Our integrated approach transcends silos, so you can build deeper relationships with your customers, and empower people across your organization.

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